Yogalates classes in Hammersmith & FulhaM

Make a great commitment to your fitness, health and overall wellbeing in 2019 with a new term of Yogalates classes, starting this January.


Group Classes

As an award-winning blend of Hatha Yoga and mat-work Pilates, Solomon Yogalates enables students to improve their core-stability, posture, overall fitness and flexibility, whilst helping them develop effective tools for stress-relief & relaxation, that will impact life on and off the mat.

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Yogalates classes are well-paced with an alignment focus so rest assured, you are in good hands. Classes are suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, and everyone is encouraged to progress at their own pace.  

Beginners are very welcome (modifications and alternatives are offered where appropriate), and more challenging work is offered to those who'd like to advance their practice.

Breathing exercises are integral part of the method; calming the mind and soothing the nervous system, preparing the body for a restorative guided relaxation at the end of every class. Bliss!

Students will need to provide their own mat, however if you are new to Yogalates, a mat can be provided for your first class.  All other Yogalates equipment is provided.

Class length: 1.5 hours

Maximum class capacity: 12-15

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investment options


You are welcome to sign up for a full term, half term or drop into a single Yogalates class.  Joining for a term is not only the most cost-effective option, but more importantly, it encourages a commitment towards positive change for each student, both physically and mentally.  

It's also great to build a sense of community as the weeks go by, one of my favourite things about teaching in the area!


If you sign up to either a full or half term at the beginning of term, you are entitled to attend an extra 'make up’ class absolutely free of charge.  

As we all know, life gets in the way sometimes!

This extra class will be held on Thursday 14th February.

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OPTION 1: Book onto the full term

Booking your place on the 12 week Spring term (with an extra bonus 'make up class' thrown in for free, should you miss a class) works out as the best value option all round. 

OPTION 2: Book a half term (6 weeks)

You can also pay a little extra per class to commit to a half term of classes. You will still receive an extra 'make up' class for free, receiving 7 classes for the price of 6.

Dates: Thursday 3rd January to Thursday 7th February

OPTION 3: Pay per class

You can also pay as you go, subject to availability. Check if there's a spot free at the beginning of each week by emailing

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NB: Purchasing a full or half term pass entitles you to attend all classes in one full or half term period only. The pass cannot be transferred to other venues or classes.

CLass VenueS

Thursday mornings (9.30-11am)

St Andrew’s Church

Greyhound Road,

Fulham Fields, W14 9SA

Closest tube stations: Barons Court, West Brompton & West Kensington

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Thursday evenings (7-8.30pm)

Matthews Community Hall

14 Margravine Road

Hammersmith, W6 8HJ

Closest tube station: Barons Court

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Yogalates for back pain


As a therapeutics-based exercise system, Yogalates can be a great relief for post-natal mums and those suffering from back pain, due its focus on healthy diaphragmatic breathing, the 'neutral spine' concept and overall joint mobility, not to mention a Pilates emphasis on core stability.  

All these factors combined can help improve posture, mobility and reduce back pain.

%22Yogalates is the only thing that helped me with my bad back. Slipped a disk earlier this year and all conventional treatments didn't work... Yogalates for 2 months and I am moving again!!%22-2.png

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