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NEW Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Saturday 1st December, 1-4pm, ETNA Centre, St Margarets

Unwind both physically and mentally with this 3-hour all levels yoga & meditation event, establishing a greater sense of peace and wellbeing whilst learning easy ‘take home’ tools to manage stress and anxiety in the long term.

This unique event will guide you through three gentle practices: Yin Yoga (deep stretching), Yoga Nidra (guided meditation/yogic sleep) and a Meditation for Beginners session, led by meditation and mindfulness expert Lis Cancio.

Join us and enjoy greater range of motion, a more restful night's sleep and a clearer mind, as we guide you through 3-hours of blissful stretching, mini-massages and guided meditation. A wonderful release for those susceptible to stress and anxiety in these hectic times.

You’ll even have a chance to enjoy a cup of delicious herbal tea and healthy homemade sweet treats with your fellow participants in the break.


What you can expect...

  • 1.5 hour Yin Yoga practice: Long, slow holds in supported yoga postures, allowing you to release deeply held tension in the hamstrings, spine, hips, shoulders and beyond. An effective practice for soothing stress and anxiety, and a great relief for those of us with tighter bodies.

  • 20 minute Yoga Nidra (‘yogic sleep’): Experience the restorative and deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra, otherwise known as ‘yogic sleep’. This ancient guided meditation practice involves simple visualisation techniques to navigate between sleeping and waking states of consciousness. The benefits can include improved sleep, a more peaceful mindset and a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation.

  • Herbal tea & homemade sweet treats - break time, yay!

  • Meditation for Beginners led by meditation & mindfulness teacher Lis Cancio: Manage stress and a busy mind with simple, take home meditation tools to better understand, navigate and soothe a racing mind.  Lis will teach a step-by-step meditation that combines modern research with yogic wisdom, helping students access a greater sense of inner wellbeing by reframing and releasing stress through practice. The session will include a group meditation and Q&A to support you in finding a meditation routine. Most importantly you'll have the knowledge and skills to begin an effective daily practice to restore your clarity and focus.

All levels welcome, no yoga experience required.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately this event is now fully booked! Keep updated on future events by joining the mailing list below.

the teachers

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Bethan Morgan

Beth is London’s leading specialist in the award-winning Solomon Yogalates Method, and has been supporting clients in overcoming postural imbalances, pain and injury for over four years now. She offers simple tools for all levels of experience and ability, enabling students to access greater freedom of movement in their bodies, a deeper connection to the breath and an improved sense of overall peace and wellbeing.

Beth trained in the Yin Yoga Method with Norman Blair in 2017, and is a strong believer in the transformative powers of yoga and meditation in these technology focused, fast paced times of ours.

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Lis Cancio

Lis has been a dedicated teacher since 2010 and is highly skilled and passionate in shifting clients from habitual stress and worry to renewed ease and clarity. Her approach to meditation is relatable, educational and fun. She appreciates the increasing demands and complex nature of modern living and seeks to empower participants with take home skills, to support wellbeing and resilience.

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